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Pride and Prejudice

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

As a sixth grader, I desperately strived to understand this book.  Now, after reading the whole thing through at an older age, I was able to grasp the whole concept of it.  Pride and Prejudice follows the story of the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet.  After meeting the arrogant Mr. Darcy at a ball, she immediately judges him to be vain and full of pride.  Sure, Darcy is quite well off and fortunate, but Miss Bennet thinks she has his character down and decides she despises him.  Meanwhile, Lizzy’s sister, Jane, falls in love with Darcy’s kind-natured best friend, Mr. Bingley.  Jane falls ill while visiting Bingley and stays over for weeks with the company of her dearest sister, Elizabeth.  Soon afterward, Darcy, Bingley, and Bingley’s sisters leave with London as their destination.  Mr. Darcy makes a point to convince Bingley of Jane’s indifference toward him, and ever the humble gentlemen, Bingley believes him.  Darcy wishes him not to marry Jane for the Bennet’s are not rich by any means.  Later on in the story, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, whom he had grown to become infatuated with, and in turn Elizabeth refuses.  As the story then progresses we watch as Elizabeth Bennet falls madly in love with Darcy, whom she first perceived, with some prejudice against him, to be arrogant and incapable of humbleness.  Darcy changes for the better and soon Miss Bennet becomes Mrs. Darcy and lives on in great happiness, for Darcy and Lizzy complete and complement each other significantly.

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2 Responses to "Pride and Prejudice"

This is such a great review! I love the last line 🙂 Makes me want to read the book all over again right now!

Awesome review!

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