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Kaleidoscope by Patsy Clairmont

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Kaleidoscope by Patsy Clairmont

Patsy’s book, Kaleidoscope, helps the reader see “God’s wit and wisdom in a whole new light”.  She takes the unorganized book of Proverbs and discusses certain aspects of it in each chapter.  Clairmont knows exactly what to say and offers a fresh new take on the “in-your-face”, as Patsy would say, book of Proverbs.  In addition to her Proverbs talk, she also adds her own personal humor to her discussions, which makes the book extra fun to read.  On a personal note, I loved Kaleidoscope and found it to be a highly entertaining book.  I couldn’t put down this exciting mix of wit and humor, and it was about Scripture to boot!  I felt so much more in touch with what God wants us to know regarding Proverbs and its contents.  I loved how every chapter was fresh, intriguing, and easy to read.  Patsy Clairmont is a straight-to-the-point kind of woman, which is perfect for the straight-to-the-point book of Proverbs.   Additionally, her choice of verses for the theme of the chapters was creative and had an even flow. In conclusion, Kaleidoscope is a fun read and Patsy is a funny gal, which makes it a great book!

Thanks to Book Sneeze for providing me with the book!

-Review by Kady GarrettKaleidoscope


1 Response to "Kaleidoscope by Patsy Clairmont"

Loved your review! I really want to read this book.

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