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The Revolutionary Paul Revere by Joel J. Miller

Posted on: April 16, 2010

The Revolutionary Paul Revere by Joel J. Miller

Miller’s biography, The Revolutionary Paul Revere, tells the drama-filled story of Paul Revere in the format of a novel.  The book begins with Revere’s father being taken to the American colonies and gradually progresses through Paul’s life starting from his childhood.  Joel J. Miller’s biography covers Paul’s famous ride to worn the colonies of Britain’s arrival, but more importantly, it tells Paul Revere’s story behind the ride. 

                I loved how in depth the book went into Revere’s life, and how it did it in a way that allowed you to get to know Paul.  The story had a definite beginning and end, along with a climax, just like a good novel does.  My experiences with Thomas Nelson’s biographies has always proved them to be fresh exciting (unlike most biographies), and The Revolutionary Paul Revere did not disappoint.  Furthermore, the topic of Paul Revere was a well chosen and well researched one by Miller (round of applause for Miller, everybody).  In conclusion, the book kept you on your toes, was informative, and all in all a fun read!

Thank you to Shelby Sledge at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicity for providing me with this book to review!

Review by Kady Garrett


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